Digital Video Making Workshop @Wisma RD UM 2

Digital Video Making Workshop @Wisma R&D, UM 2nd Session

Digital Video Making Workshop @Wisma R&D, UM 2nd Session

Venue: Wisma R&D, University of Malaya
Date: 10th May 2014

A good story is what makes a video more engaging and interesting! With his vast knowledge in the film making industry, Dr.Yahaya has shared a lot of tips and techniques in crafting a winning storyboard to our participants on 10th of May in Wisma R&D, UM. With the help of a wide variety of herbs, vegetables and plants that we have prepared, the participants enjoyed the video shooting session a lot!

Participants from Yayasan Felda, Yayasan Chowkit, UniKL MIAT and University of Malaya have come together to make this a very vibrant and dynamic workshop!
We would like to express our heartiest gratitude to all the participants, teachers, lecturers, the amazing storyteller – Mama Tok and our awesome trainer – Dr.Yahaya for making all these workshops a success!

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